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The official website of NFL | Seahawks unsuccessful rookie quarterback Boykin: for example Werwilson | Rugby Russell Werwilson (Russell Wilson) is currently the only NFL in the Seattle Seahawks array had passing quarterback experience. Rees - Jackson (Tarvaris Srivastava in Jackson) is still the team signed under the condition of the Seahawks quarterback and rookie Trevor von Boykin (Trevone Boykin), Jack Shipps (Jake Heaps). Vernon - Adams (Vernon Adams) also participated in the rookie Mini camp trial. Jackson may still be re signed by the Seahawks, but now the Seahawks to see one of these young quarterback in the ability to deal with the NFL level quarterback task. The chosen new rookie Boykin is an interesting choice, because his ability is very similar to Wilson. is also very similar to Russell in his all-round skills and playing style. Pete Carroll, a sea hawk commander, talks about the new Dezhou Christian University's new talent. He has strong arms. He is a very cre cheap nfl jerseys free shipping ative player. He has an excellent instinct and vision. His ability to flush the ball and his opponent's ability to miss and get out of trouble is very similar to that of Russell. I think if we have the chance to make two players in the same offensive team, this will give us the chance to work. If it works, we have to do a lot of work. If it works, we can maintain continuity in our backup quarterback. If the show potential Boykin in offseason training camp, he may become a cheaper substitute quarterback, if Wilson suffered during the season injured, he was able to run the same offense. Boykin understands that he will serve as a substitute for Wilson in Seattle, but he is ready to learn from Wilson. Two people have seen each other already. He came out of the dressing room, and I happened to go in, Boykin said. I shook his hand. He knows who I am, and I know who he is. He told me that he had seen some of my games. I told him, 'I've seen a lot of your games,' so I told him I would follow him and try to learn everything he gave me. Wilson's replacement is a good place for a rookie. It is also very difficult to retain a place, so this for Boykin here to establish their own career will encounter difficulties.Kansas City Chiefs finally decided to take over foreign Dwyne powe (Dwayne Bowe) said goodbye. Local time on Thursday, the chief official sacked Bowie, ended the 8 season both sides a cooperative relationship. Previously, the Emir had announced the signing of former Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Jeremy Mclean (Jeremy Maclin), which also accelerated the vagabov leave. as the 2007 season first round picks, vagabov once considered the most dangerous in the League wide receiver. The 2010 season, he finished 15 touchdowns to lead the league, but then his data is decreasing year by year. A disastrous 2014 season, he finished only 754 yards to advance the ball, failed to complete the 1 touchdowns. Before the 2013 season, the Emirates and Beauvais on a period of 5 years, 56 million of the value of the contract agreement. The next season he will enter the third years of the original contract, the basic wage Boweiben can get 10 million 750 thousand, resulting in 14 million impact on the salary cap. After the release, the team can make up more than 5 million of the salary space. vagabov downturn and chiefs quarterback Arrakis Smith (Alex Smith) and the ability of playing style are closely related, experts believe that still have the ability to become the first-class vagabov alliance outside over again. If you can find a suitable new owner, vagabov has the strength to stage a comeback.Falcons have reached a long-term contract with their own horns. , according to media reports, Desmond trufan special (Desmond Trufant) of the new contract total value of $69 million, including $42 million security deposit. It was close to last year's $75 million, $50 million, $50 million, $75 million, $50 million contract for Josh - Norman (Josh) signed with Washington Red. The 2017 season is trufan super rookie contract for fifth years, he was in 2013 the first round of the season Falcon show, the original $8 million 26 thousand. But the falcons attach great importance to him, so they choose to give priority to the contract.League semi-final Seattle Seahawks 31 to 17 victory over the Carolina Panthers and the game is not the biggest highlight of two teams but the Seahawks quarterback safety guard Kamm - money Eisner (Kam Chancellor). is in the second quarter of this game, two times, he showed his outstanding physical quality two times, jumping over the serve hand and then blocking the kicker Graham's 35 yards kicking. The next is the beautiful jump. the ball was kicked again because the Panther's blocking player was fouled, and below was his second jump. is this time. But the jump was punished for hitting the kicker, the ball moved forward again, and the third black leopard kicker did not meet any block, completed 3 points kicking.

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