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Handball | twenty-fifth uniersiade open | blue lit the torch hand | electrostatic Association torch lighting moment (Xinhua News Agency reporter Meng Yongmin) July 1 Belgrade Xinhua (reporter Su Haiping, Ma Zhen, Li Jia) the World University Games in the flames lit up the sleepless in Belgrade tonight. On the evening of 1 local time, twenty-fifth World University Summer Games debut in Serbia Belgrade stadium of joy. passion, joy of the ocean, the opening ceremony of the parade of athletes of the red carpet has been extended to a nearby village, a unique creative sigh. From 5 p.m., the athletes from all the delegations at the Universiade began to walk slowly. As short as 1 kilometers, the athletes and the citizens on both sides of the road have no difference between their nationality and color, and some are only a language: cheers and smiles. 8:15, with the flag of the Republic of Serbia and the entrance slowly rises, the opening ceremony of the Belgrade Universiade officially kicked off. When the 145 flags while standing in the Belgrade stadium, the grandstand boiling. As the warm atmosphere of the footnote, Deputy Prime Minister of Serbia Dahl bauges · Jalich came to talk, even a brief voice microphone. Then the Prime Minister of the Serbia governmen cheap nfl jerseys free shipping t, Mirko · Waite Covic, announced the opening of the Universiade. international datilian flag anthem with the slowly rising, waiting at the venue central Serbia volleyball player Boris Ralph · Petkovic will fire into the Universiade venues, hit the main torch Taiwan next to the red button, a shiny ball slowly off, ultimately depends on the electrostatic blue light main torch in the universiade. is responsible for the opening ceremony of the security work of · Malkovich told reporters that his biggest wish is to hope that the people in Belgrade Universiade feel better and satisfaction, athletes get good grades, become good friends. And his colleague, Igor Nia Dovichi, said, "I've seen the Beijing Olympic Games. It's very good!" I hope our Universiade will be as good as Beijing. 's subsequent opening ceremony, art and performance, skillfully turned the stadium ground into a huge projection screen, creating dreamy scenes with modern technology, releasing the vigour and future of young people, and making the audience enthusiastic. Spain Taekwondo women's 67 kg class player Lyle · Gomes said after watching the opening ceremony: the opening ceremony is very beautiful, full of originality, I very love. Serbia held a total of $about 60000000 for the Universiade, of which about 2/3 of the investment was used in the construction of facilities such as the Universiade village. During the 12 days of the Belgrade Universiade will attract.The fate of the Oakland Raider was determined by the fate of the quarterback Drake Carle (Derek Carr). The game at the end of last season was a clear proof of this. but the future is bright for Carle, who had suffered a fracture of the fibula less than two months ago. Carle's teammates, Donald Penn (Donald Penn), offered exciting news when they took part in the official website. , "I texting Drake two days ago, asking him how he was and wanting to know his situation," he replied, "I almost recovered one hundred percent," Payne said. Drake Carle's brother, now the NFL David official's David Carle (David Carr) also participated in the program, and said, "I told you that he was 100% recovered, but you don't believe me, you have to ask Donald. He will have a great recovery. He is very good. I've started walking and exercising. He can't do anything for the bones, but he will return. He will have a complete offseason training, it was the best part." , considering that there were reports at the end of twelve, Carle was unlikely to come out if the Raiders entered the super bowl, so the news was not surprising. But the Raiders will be satisfied that everything is going smoothly. 3937 yards and 28 touchdowns 6 passes were steals last season Carle pass, led the Raiders 12 wins and 3 losses record. He will have very high expectations on his shoulder next season. ??????????|им???????????????????????????????????even-even soccer equipment network England Brent Ford Club (Brentford FC) officially announced the new Adidas team in the 2016-17 season home court and Jersey, Jersey club has always insisted on the continuation of the home court since 1925 the traditional away kit is selected "bee" had lucky color. Jersey using Adidas's latest innovative technologies, including ClimaCool technology and new mesh design, to ensure that players have the most advanced equipment and technology support.the history of Denver Mustang is not long in all NFL teams. Even today, the Mustang is regarded as one of the most recognized traditional strong teams. Its "home Sports Authority Stadium" is also known as "mile high", which is built on the plateau as its name implies. The real rise of the wild horse team was in the 80s of last century, when they met a Hall - class quarterback - John Elway. However, Elway has been down on the luck although in 1986-1989 years between four and three times in the super bowl, but nothing. After a few years of silence, Elway finally won 2 Super Bowl rings in the last 2 years of his career (1997, 1998), and was the only two Super Bowl champion in the history of the wild horse team. The history of the packers is nearly twice as long as the wild horse. They are the first, second super bowl winner and the 1996 Super Bowl champion. At that time, the quarterback of the defending champion was also a legend -- Brett Favre, who still has the most passages, the most wins and many other records. However, it failed to succeed in the super bowl. The thirty-second Super Bowl was a drag race in 1997, and finally the wild horse was at the end with a smile of 31-24. 18 years later, Favre and Elway were retiring and entering the hall of fame. Favre handed the team to Aaron Rodgers for 3 years, and Rodgers has now become the first quarterback of the league. Elway officials continue to help the team as the Mustang, now and then Manning quarterback Peyton Elway, in the old age still hit the Super Bowl career. At 9:30 a.m. 2015 in November 2nd, Rodgers will lead the packers of the season's full victory to the "mile high" game of the season's full victory. Now can the two teams get us to appreciate the wonderful performance of the Super Bowl in 1997? Let's wait and see!

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