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this week, Baltimore crow running back Justin Fawcett (Justin Forsett) was named the American League's best offensive player, this is his second time in the last 3 weeks of award. Fawcett and the New Orleans saints game of the 22 ball, rushed 182 yards, and 2 touchdowns to help the team win. The game, Fawcett is still very patient, he rushed the ball size even more than 8 yards. A continuous good play made it the biggest gain of the team this season, and the team quickly found a substitute after losing Ray Rice. The best offensive player in is still a running guard. The Green Bay Packers Eddie RESINES (Eddie Lacy) with 138 yards rushing out of the outstanding achievements of a famous battle of the New York giants wide receiver Odell Beckham (Odell Beckham) won the award. 's other awards are as follows: United week defensive player: united the best special teams player: National League defensive player: the NFC special teams player:NFL official website, Jared Goff: the nightmare of the rookie season in the football nest The first season of JaredGoff ended in a sigh. It is still too early to define his ability and predict his future; but looking back on his current performance, the fans must not be cheap nfl jerseys free shipping satisfied. This paper will review the Goff this season, the overall weight of the negative side, but not denied. Because the moving map is more and more inconvenient, I can use the text to use the text, I can capture the screenshots of the screenshots. McVay Goff said the key potential reasons for his own decision in the ram, if it is not his polite rhetoric, that he excels, because what we see is the rookie quarterback performance, in recent years, with the worst nightmare, disaster and other words to describe is not excessive. The coaching staff confusion, low-level tactics, the strength of the team, you can find a variety of reasons from the macro Goff down, but when we zoom to every single attack, although can be found worthy qualities, but more is still lacking in proper skills on the quarterback. The Goff's rookie season began in tenth weeks, and the 16 regular season was only 7 times, which was really enough to explain the problem. He loses in the first competition (if there is such competition) to CaseKeenum, and even after SeanMannion at the beginning of season, as the three or four sub guard cannot be activated in the competition. Although the rams and Fisher's team culture is the culture period to rookie longer, had several round show no first mover qualification in the first few games rookie season, but the combination of class Fisher and a few months later, frozen Goff reason may not be so complicated. A few weeks later, Goff was promoted to the bench quarterback, and finally got the qualification of wearing equipment. However, as you can imagine, the replacement quarterback's candidate is only a form, and can not be read as he is more suitable than Mannion to play. To return to the team, the coach group is Goff behoove around the core, complete in his weekly 3 days of training equipment, even if the team under the leadership of Keenum achieved 3 wins and 1 losses start, he still have more and more opportunities to practice and starters. After the first month of the season, the ram was expected to be at the top of the list, but the content of the game was unbearable. With other new rookie quarterback, several of them were more eye-catching, and Goff was named theleastproreadyQB. The statement, though quite one-sided, is a complete response to the status of Goff. , all the people who care about ram have always believed in the potential of Goff, including me. But we all know that potential is not equal to output. His struggle in the rookie season is even more painful than expected, but it is also love.The official website of NFL | Gelon Sikorski: I prefer a concussion not a knee injury | football concussion is the NFL Alliance players are not willing to face, but it seems to rob Kowski (Rob Gronkowski) - Gelon this is not what. When was recently in the TV show, our new England patriot's near - end winger told the fans to be surprised. He said, "well, if let me make a choice, a concussion or a knee break, I'll choose a concussion." Why do I have to sit on the edge and watch the ball for 8 months and nothing to do it! If it's a concussion I can climb up and continue the game. for Kowski glycopyrronium concussion brought amnesia is not a problem, he is so explained: this will happen, like I don't know how to return to the hotel last night I was. next season seems to be responsible for inspection of Gelon Koski helmet, is not sufficient to ensure the protection of.The official website of NFL | Bill boss wants Fitzpatrick to leave the jet | football Buffalo Bill coach Rex - Ryan (Rex Ryan) said he hoped Fitzpatrick not quarterback Ryan with division rival New York jets contract to the media in Boca Raton at the annual NFL conference. Ryan, speaking to interview with Rich Cimini, ESPN reporter, said, "I hope Fitzpatrick doesn't return to the jet plane. I really think so. His performance on the field is much more intense than people expected. Although he did poorly in the face of us, he also led the jet to win five games in a row, and his last season's data is probably one of the best in the history of the jet fleet. So wait and see, I really hope he can change a team. Fitzpatrick played the best season in jet career last season. He came out of 3905 yards and 31 touchstones, passing pass score reached 88 points. He is still with the jets in the negotiations, said the differences between the two sides is still not small, Fitzpatrick believes that the weak quarterback market this year to help him raise prices, so reluctant to let go. earlier this month, the jet star wide receiver Brandon Marshall (Brandon Marshall) had publicly said he strongly wants Fitzpatrick to stay, he said in an interview: the communication between us and the training and leadership is before I never felt before, I played for many teams, with a lot of a quarterback has worked, but this feeling is only with Fitzpatrick.

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