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Beijing time on October 31st, the 2014 NFL regular season in week ninth Thursday night game lead in the war, and the Carolina Panthers visiting the New Orleans saints launched in South with the first name of the fight. Finally, the saints show a strong dominance, 28 to 10 victory over the Panthers, with 4 wins and 4 losses record in the top division beat the opponent. The saints Mark Ingram (Mark Ingram) has been playing well, pushing the distance to 100 yards. Saint this season's performance is not satisfactory, the bottom second league worst road defense quality so that they lost all 4 games, the first team in the regular season win on the road, actually dates back to November 22nd last year against Atlanta falcons game. Fortunately, the home court with three wins in the rankings after the saints still make the Panther, a black panther with multi flat advantage behind the League of nations, the top of the game, will be directly related to the two playoff prospects, both sides can not tolerate the slightest mishap. after the opening of the saints were dominant, but they did not take advantage into scoring: first four point guard Drew - Bracey (Drew Brees) pass in the end zone frontier is angle Antoine Carson panther (Antoine Cason) after failure to play defe cheap nfl jerseys free shipping nsive end dawn Edwards (Dwan Edwards), which is easy to complete steals. Then it is bad to protect the pocket Panthers defensive end Charles - Johnson (Charles Johnson) Bracey nearly defenseless from behind, take off the hands of the ball after teammate Mario - Edison (Mario Addison) to control the ball, the first section of Harding Park both sides had no contribution. easy side battles, four Panthers quarterback Newton Kamm (Cam Newton) out of pocket conversion completed 3 file 13 yards, but after teammate Brinton Berson (Brenton Bersin) - in the space of the ball should sell the ball across his finger was a few meters behind Saint Cory - White angle (Corey White) to get. Saint punter Thomas (Thomas Morstead) will be sent to the Panther ball 10 yard line, in order to avoid security, Newton in the end zone frontier dodged, but defensive player from Newton by dropping the ball from all sides to seize the opportunity, the saints by Ingram rushing touchdowns, the final score to be rewritten in section second and 2 in 44 seconds, 7:0. The Panthers punt the ball to the saints of red, Bracey used the last two minutes of the way forward, although again dropped the ball, but this time Bracey himself covered the ball, the last 14 seconds of Bracey long end corner, corner Panther saints receiver Robert Carson defense (Robert Meachem) was sentenced to interfere with the ball a foul, tight end Jimmy - Graham (Jimmy Graham) with short convey array, the end of the first half, 14 points ahead of the saints. Panthers in the second half back, go with that they advance to the holy.The official website of NFL | players union approved NFL new drug regulations | football NFL website reporter Ian - Rapoport (Ian Rapoport) and Albert Brill (Albert Breer) local time on Friday reported that NFL players union players in voting after the alliance has approved new doping regulations. players union announced a new plan, the new regulations will be published for the first time the use of human growth hormone and management measures for before doping policy made a number of major reforms. League spokesman Greg - Hierro clarified late Friday to Rapoport that there was still a major obstacle to the final agreement to reach a new rule. The players voted to appoint player union personages to reach an agreement with the alliance, but there is no formal agreement. But a statement issued by the players' Union on Friday night indicated that the two sides had resolved the biggest disagreement. Rapoport said that the one year ban on Josh Gordon (Josh Gordon) from Brown in Cleveland will be reduced to 10. There is no special exception to Gordon. Under the new regulations, the 10 game is the standard penalty for the fourth offending of the alliance's drug abuse regulations. this is a historic moment for our players and the league, as Eric Winston (Eric Winston), the president of the trade union, said in a statement. Through our collective doping regulations will ensure that the game is clean and safe, but also for the players to provide a fair and transparent hitherto unknown. The players should be proud of their union for the best plan for the game. below is the key to the new scheme: human growth the time to some offseason quarterback news. According to the official website of NFL reporter Mike (Mike Garafolo) - Lafoluo reports, Kansas City Chiefs "may not perform Nick Fowles (Nick Foles) in the 2017 contract options." It's going to make Fowles a free player. though theoretically, Fowles will draw interest from New York jets, buffalo Bill, Chicago bears, San Francisco 49 people and Houston Dezhou people. It is not yet clear that his joining represents the upgrading of quarterback position. In the miracle of the 2013 season into the bowl after the occupation, Fowles later played in 22 games, 4625 yards and 23 touchdowns 20 passes was steals, passing success rate of only 58.6%. Now he is hard to appeal to any team who will be able to upgrade the quarterback. Of course, injuries and other external factors may soon change this situation. if no accident, he will be considered to be an unstable starting position but a good substitute for the quarterback. The season for the chiefs in wartime (3 games, 1 starts), he completed 36 of 55 passes for 410 yards and 3 touchdowns made no pass was intercepted.Green Bay Packers usually take care of injured players and let them truce to avoid long-term effects. in this case, we think the ribs fracture - Montgomerie (Ty Montgomery) in the last match will be absent from the game. but Montgomerie himself insisted on Tuesday that he wanted to play as long as he did not have long term damage. "I'll take this week with my own way of playing," Montgomerie said. "I don't want to take the risk of damaging my long health, but it depends on me in the end." Montgomerie said he had considered the possibility of wearing extra protective equipment. In the end, he said he was willing to bear the pain. if Montgomerie is unable to play, Jamal Williams (Jamaal Williams) and Aaron Jones (Aaron Jones) will fill his position.

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